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 Description of our premium in-home breeding services, specializing in Teddy Bear breeds like Maltipoos, Havapoos, and Mini Goldendoodles. Teddy Bear puppies for sale in Michigan. toy poodle mix puppies and Goldendoodle puppies. Our dedication as trusted doodle breeders, nurturing healthy, happy companions from birth. Explore and find your ideal furry companion today!

About Us


At Teddy Bear Doodles, our passion for breeding spans over two decades, and our commitment is unwavering in delivering joyful and robust puppies to families seeking a new furry companion. We specialize in hypoallergenic, non-shedding, petite, affectionate, and highly intelligent puppies.


We are a close-knit mother-daughter team deeply devoted to offering our ever-growing family of adorable puppies a nurturing and affectionate home. Our core belief is that every pup deserves the best possible start in life, filled with love and care, ensuring their journey into adulthood is marked by happiness and vitality.


Our breeding program is meticulously designed to produce designer dogs that embody health and beauty. Our Teddy Bear Puppies are a captivating blend of Bichon, Havanese, Maltese, and Poodle breeds, resulting in a delightful range of sizes, typically weighing between 8 to 14 pounds when fully grown, depending on the unique combination of their parentage. To guarantee the health and longevity of our puppies, we conduct comprehensive health tests on all our breeding parents.


At Teddy Bear Doodles, we don't just breed puppies; we create cherished companions who will bring joy and love into your home.


Discover more about our breeds:


The Bichon Fri

Bichons are known for their peaceful demeanor, making them compatible with everyone, including other pets. These cheerful and pleasant dogs relish playing games and snuggling into laps. The bichon frisé embodies the qualities of an all-around great pet – playful yet gentle, getting along well with other pets, and being generally excellent with kids.


The Havanese

Havanese bring silky coats, a calm disposition, and affectionate personalities to our puppies. They are inherently loving and content dogs with an active streak that makes them eager learners of tricks and playful participants in games with their owners. Their intelligence and trainability further highlight their charm.


The Maltese

Maltese contribute traits such as rounder, petite faces, unwavering loyalty, and a penchant for cuddling. These gentle, affectionate, and intelligent dogs are highly responsive and trusting. Maltese are fantastic family dogs, embodying liveliness, playfulness, and enthusiasm for learning tricks.


The Poodle

Poodles bring distinctive characteristics like longer legs, curly coats, and high intelligence to our puppies. They are renowned for their hypoallergenic properties, making them suitable for allergy-prone individuals. Poodles are exceptional family companions – fun, energetic, intelligent, and easily trainable. They thrive with both mental and physical exercise and prefer to be in the company of people.


At our home, we go above and beyond to ensure you bring home the best possible puppy. We raise them with love and care, focusing on their mental and physical development to ensure a seamless transition to your home. Our puppies are incredibly intuitive, affectionate, and quick learners, making them exceptional emotional support animals.


Contact us today, and let us assist you in finding the perfect new puppy companion. We'll work closely with you to ensure that the puppy you choose is the ideal fit for your lifestyle and family. Your journey to welcoming a furry friend into your home starts here!

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