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Adorable Maltipoo, Havapoo, and Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale in michigan, lovingly raised in our home by expert breeders.

Adoption Process

As a dedicated in-home breeder, Teddy Bear Doodles is committed to providing a loving and nurturing environment for our puppies, ensuring they grow up happy, healthy, and well-socialized. Here's a seamless guide for your puppy adoption journey.

Join Our Puppy Email List:

Be part of the excitement! Join our Interested Puppy Email List to receive exclusive updates, early announcements, and adorable sneak peeks of our upcoming litters.

Check Out Available Puppies:

Explore our website to see the selection of lovable puppies waiting to become cherished members of your family. Each puppy has its own profile on our Available Puppies Page.

Upcoming Litters:

Stay informed about our upcoming litters. We provide regular updates on breeding progress and pregnancy details. Follow us on Instagram for pictures once the little ones arrive.


Prices can vary for each individual puppy.  The pricing range is as follows:

  • Maltipoo and Havapoo puppies: $3,000 to $3,500

  • Toy and Mini Golden Doodles: $3,500 to $4,500

  • Explore individual photos on our Available Puppies Page to find the perfect match for your family.

Reserving Your Teddy Bear Doodle:

  • Deposit\Reserve fees are accepted once a litter is born, puppy selection will be based on the order of the deposit received. We no longer hold any puppy pending for more than 24 hours without a deposit given.


  • If a puppy is almost old enough to go home, then please contact us to set up a time to meet your puppy in person. Puppy visits are only after the puppy is at least 6 weeks old.

  • Puppies go home once they are 8 weeks old.

  • Puppies must be paid in full before leaving our home.

Payment Options:

Choose your preferred payment method for the reserve fee and final payment:

  • Venmo

  • Cash

  • Credit card

Taking Your Puppy Home:


Teddy Bear Doodle puppies are ready to join your family after they are 8 weeks old. We ensure they are well-adjusted and ready for their new homes.

Teddy Bear Doodle Pickup and Delivery:

  • Pickup: Come to our home near Grand Rapids, Michigan, to meet and take your Teddy Bear Doodle home with you.

  • Delivery: We offer a delivery service to your local airport. Your Teddy Bear Doodle will be hand-delivered by our dedicated flight nanny. Contact us for a delivery quote.

Our Recommend Flight Nanny Service:

Wings On Puppies - Flight Nanny Service

Pet Service

Airport To Airport Standby Flight Nanny Service

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Why Choose Teddy Bear Doodles:


Our commitment goes beyond breeding. We raise our puppies with love, prioritize health and happiness, and adhere to strict breeding standards. Your new furry family member is destined for a life filled with joy.

Stay Connected:

Become part of our community! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates, adorable pictures, and the latest news. Sign up for email alerts to be the first to hear about new litters!

We're excited to assist you in welcoming your Teddy Bear Doodle into your loving home!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose a puppy from Teddy Bear Doodles?

A: You can start by browsing the available puppies on our website, including photos and descriptions of our adorable pups. If we do not have a current litter then sign up for litter alerts to get an email once a new litter is born. 


What's the next step after I've found a puppy I like?

A: Once you've found a puppy you're interested in, fill out the family application form on our website. This helps us understand your needs and ensures a match between your family and the puppy.


Where is Teddy Bear Doodles located?

A: We're located near Grand Rapids, MI.

Are the puppies at Teddy Bear Puppies vet-checked?

A: Yes, we prioritize the health and well-being of our puppies. Before any puppy goes to its new home, they undergo a thorough veterinary checkup. We provide all necessary vaccinations and deworming, ensuring you receive a happy and healthy puppy.


Do you provide any initial supplies or information for new puppy owners?

A: We want to make the transition for you and your puppy as smooth as possible. You'll receive a puppy care package, including information about your puppy's diet, a supply of the food they are accustomed to, and other essential information to get you started.



Is there a specific age I can visit to meet my chosen puppy?

A: We recommend scheduling a visit when the puppy is six weeks old or older. They are more active and responsive at this age, making it a great time to interact with them. If your puppy is 8 weeks old, they can go home with you that day.


What if I have a long drive to reach your location?

A: Some potential buyers may travel a considerable distance to reach our home. We recommend contacting us to discuss your specific situation, and we'll accommodate your needs.


What is the best way to contact you to discuss a visit or ask further questions?

A: You can easily reach us through the contact information provided on our website. Feel free to call or email us with any questions. 

​Your puppy will come home up to date on their shots. We provide the necessary rounds of dewormer and the first set of vaccines at 7 weeks. Pups will need additional boosters at 12 & and 16 weeks. Reach out to your vet to schedule those!


​We are confident in our dogs and provide a one-year health guarantee covering inherited life-threatening diseases.

​After eight weeks old, the puppies are ready to start their next adventure!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out. We're excited to help you welcome your Teddy Bear Doodle into your loving home!


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