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Tips for Feeding Your New Puppy

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Feeding Instructions:

Feeding Instructions:

Guidelines for Puppies (Age 8-14 weeks)

Feed your puppy three times a day, with 3-4 tablespoons per meal.

You can adjust meal times to fit your schedule.

Here's an example:

  • 6-8 am

  • Noon-2 pm

  • 5-7 pm

As your puppy grows, gradually increase the amount of food each day. Eventually, you can transition to feeding them twice a day.

To prevent your puppy from eating too quickly, try scattering their food or using a slow-feeder puppy bowl.

Keep your pets hydrated with fresh, filtered water all day long, avoiding tap water. We stick to filtered purified water for our pups and dogs to keep them healthy. Be wary of well water with too many minerals—it can lead to those pesky tear stains.

For their meals, we trust Tender and True food. You can find it easily on Amazon or Chewy. Below is a link to buy on amazon.

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